Marketing during the corona crisis

marketing corona

We cannot ignore it; the coronavirus turns the world upside down and creates a new reality. A reality that we as marketers must anticipate quickly in order to limit the consequences of the corona crisis as much as possible.

If entire branches such as travel, hospitality and leisure are shut down, it affects not only them but also companies in other branches. The effect of Covid-19 will be noticeable for a long time. That is why it is necessary to respond to that new reality now by immediately focusing even more on cost control and ROI maximization. In this article I will give you some practical tips to get started right away.


Is your marketing strategy ‘corona proof’? Probably not. It is unlikely that you have foreseen a crisis such as the corona crisis and included it in your marketing strategy. So it is important to discuss the ‘what if’ scenarios with your team right now and see if your marketing strategy can survive those scenarios.

Think big with these scenarios; restrictions of core activities, the demise of certain branches of industry, the reduction in income of certain target audiences, the (un)availability of employees and thus of knowledge and skills, etc. If you think big the reality will probably be not that bad, but at least you are well prepared.

Target audiences

In sectors such as travel, catering and leisure, many – especially young – people work with temporary or zero-hour contracts or on a temporary basis. As a result, they are the ones who’s income will directly be affected by a crisis such as this one. This is just an example; If you know your target groups well, then you probably know which of your target groups will be hit more severely.

Campaigns and channels

Many companies are now pressing the panic button and pausing all their campaigns. A logical choice, but not wise. In order to remain upright even after the corona crisis, it is now necessary to be able to continue your marketing and sales processes in such a way that the ROI of your channels and campaigns is maximized. ROI maximization is always important, but now even more then ever. I can support you with this free hypertargeting analysis.

Now that a large part of the population is at home more use is made of social media, so make sure you are there extra. In addition, we now have more time to view and compare things via search engines and comparison sites, so a good presence here in this ‘top of the funnel’ immediately generates turnover for your company after the crisis. And there is an additional advantage; because many advertisers pause their campaigns, CPC prices and other advertising costs will fall, which increases your ROI.

Match data and focus on customer value. Right now

It is very tempting to trust solely on your Google Analytics data. However, Google Analytics measures short-cyclically and does not take into account repeat purchases and customer value, for example. That is why it is important to keep your head cool during these turbulent times and match that data with the data in your CRM or ecommerce system. This way is it possible to retain target groups, campaigns and campaign components that actually generate customer value and results and thus keep your turnover and profit as high as possible.

If you have any questions about matching your Google Analytics with your CRM or ecommerce data, contact me.

Stay positive

These are turbulent times, but this too is coming to an end so stay positive!

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